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Fire reflected on a wood embossed with the Cave Lakes Logo

Cave Lakes Facilities
and Lodging in Kanab, Utah

Cave Lakes is a privately owned resort for Lodging in Kanab, Utah. First discovered by Native Americans over a thousand years ago, our resort nestled in its private canyon offers a unique blend of history and adventure. Acquired by George La Forge and Randel Aleman in 1996, the 1370-acre resort in Southern Utah features a 150-acre canyon floor and 110 springs. What sets Cave Lakes apart is its execution for providing an immersive experience for visitors exploring Southern Utah's natural wonders. The resort's natural and modern-day facilities are carefully designed to offer a distinct blend of history and adventure.

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A glamping tent at Cave Lakes, a resort for lodging in Kanab, Utah.

Glamping Tents

A Canvas cabin for lodging in Kanab, Utah at Cave Lakes Resort.

Canvas Cabins

A historic stone house at Cave Lakes, a resort with facilities for lodging in Kanab, Utah.

The Stone House

Access to the most beautiful canyon in Kanab is not the only benefit of staying at Cave Lakes. Our lodging facilities include glamping tents, canvas cabins, and a one-of-a-kind stone house. Amidst the plethora of chain hotels for lodging in Kanab, our accommodations will land you the taste of luxury you desire while still capturing the heart of adventure you feel while visiting Kanab.

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A grassy area surrounded by red rock walls at Cave Lakes resort.
A starry night hanging over two red rock caves with fire pits burning in them at Cave Lakes in Kanab, Utah.

Enjoy a relaxing day hanging in the grassy common area playing yard games or hammocking in the Hoodoo cave. This communal space is here to offer both a tranquil space to kick back and an open area for activities.

A man floating around a cave lake at Cave Lakes, a resort for lodging in Kanab, Utah.
A cave lake with a fire buring next to it at Cave Lakes resort in Kanab, Utah.

The natural cave lakes, and namesake of the resort, are a unique and one-of-a-kind experience not found at any other resort for lodging in Kanab, Utah. These secluded lakes offer a serene escape for those seeking a more private and tranquil experience. Accessible through carefully curated paths, the hidden Cave Lakes make for the ultimate cold plunge.

horseback riding tour riding through meadow at Cave Lakes, a resort offering lodging in Kanab, Utah.
panoramic image of Cave Lakes canyon in Kanab, Utah.

At the top of the canyon, 2.5 miles from the entrance, you will find an expansive green meadow surrounded by red rock walls. It is quite a serene place to visit. To reach the meadow, you can hike in or take the adventurous route, by horseback. The Meadow serves as a perfect spot for relaxation, picnics, or simply basking in the peaceful ambiance.

Cave Lakes Canyon Ranch resort map
Cave Lakes Canyon Ranch Site map zoomed out

Choosing Cave Lakes for lodging in Kanab, Utah is easy. From distinctive accommodations like glamping tents to exclusive facilities such as the communal Hoodoo Cave and access to Hidden Cave Lakes, the resort promises a unique and immersive experience. Its central location provides convenient access to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and other scenic wonders, making Cave Lakes an ideal base for exploration. Whether enjoying the serene meadow or taking a cold plunge in a cave lake, Cave Lakes ensures an unparalleled stay.

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fire reflecting on cave lakes logo embossed on wood.
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