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Book a Cave Lakes On-site Tour
and browse things to do in Kanab, Utah

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At Cave Lakes, we believe in offering more than just a place to stay—we provide a gateway to Southern Utah's most thrilling adventures. Partnering with ROAM, the top adventure tour company in the region, we bring you a seamless and unforgettable experience. ROAM is a trusted name, known for its expertise and dedication to providing unparalleled outdoor adventures.


Welcome to Cave Lakes, your gateway to a world of adventure and exciting things to do in Kanab, Utah. We've curated the top experiences for our guests, ensuring a fully immersive stay in collaboration with our trusted partner, ROAM Outdoor Adventure Co.

Our on-site tours, guided by ROAM, include thrilling activities such as horseback riding and via Ferrata tours. Our other tour offerings through ROAM take place off-site around Kanab including UTV adventures, canyoneering and rappelling, hiking trips, fly fishing, slot canyon exploring, and jeep rentals for scenic drives.

Saddle up for an adventure on the private trail through Cave Lakes canyon.

Explore the rugged terrain of Southern Utah on a UTV adventure.

Descend into the heart of slot canyons and discover the hidden wonders of Kanab.

Experience the excitement of rock climbing with the safety of a protected climbing route.

Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through scenic trails and iconic landmarks.

Experience flyfishing with the best equipment and guidance from expert anglers.


Jeep Rentals in Kanab and East Zion

For those seeking more leisurely things to do in Kanab, rent a jeep and take a scenic drive at your own pace.

Other Things to Do in Kanab, Utah

But the adventure doesn't stop there. At Cave Lakes, you have the freedom to choose a guided tour or adventure on your own. At the resort, you can enjoy exclusive access to our private cave lakes for a refreshing cold plunge, hike the two-mile-long canyon, stargaze under the dark Utah skies,  play games in our common area, or gather around the campfire to roast marshmallows.

Have Any Questions?


Why settle for an ordinary stay when you can embark on an extraordinary adventure with Cave Lakes and ROAM? If you have any questions or want to learn more about our curated experiences, feel free to contact us. Elevate your Kanab experience with Cave Lakes Resort and ROAM Outdoor Adventure Co. Book your adventure today!

We look forward to adventuring with you!

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